Every property profile report requires a preliminary screening of its ownership and financial status. The process is formally known as a Title search, which involves evaluating the history of a property’s ownership through systematic analysis of public records and other related documents.

Why Choose Us?

From an Assignment Verification Report to a Marketable Title search, we have an array of title options to fit your needs. Our market-leading product, the Graded Property Report, helps facilitate a faster decision process by using lender based rules to pass or fail a report.

Our automated data sources and a robust network of field professionals assist with due diligence for transactions ranging from purchases, refinances, and foreclosures. Additionally, we can create flat files that allow teams to sort and review data on large bulk files quickly.

Orchestrate specializes in every stage of the title and mitigation process that requires different information to make sound decisions for the clients’ path. Whether they decide to modify, sell, or foreclose on the property, our solutions can help with each stage effectively and efficiently.

Completed 5,000,000+ orders with a quality of 99.95% and turn around times of less than 4 hours

5,000,000 +

Successful Completed Orders

99 .95%

Accuracy Rate

4 hours

Turn Around Time

Our 3-Point Benefits

1. Nationwide Property Information Products and Property Peports

Orchestrate offers property reports for lenders, real estate attorneys, title companies, and other interested parties. We can deliver a flexible and custom-tailored property report on any piece of property across the nation, and we bring our core values of flexibility, maturity, and technology to the task each time.

2. Wide Variety of Property Information Products

  • Current owner search
  • Two owner search
  • Updated/Date Down search
  • Full Title search
  • Environmental search
  • Voluntary Lien Search
  • Involuntary Lien Search
  • Municipal Search/Code Violation search
  • Foreclosure search and title report
  • UCC Financing search
  • Tax searches
  • Liens and Judgments search
  • Oil & Gas/Mineral search
  • Deed search
  • Legal and Vesting Report
  • Document retrieval
  • Title Curative / Lien Clearance

3. Comprehensive Reporting on The Following Information:

  • Ownership information with vesting deed
  • All current and delinquent tax bills (if these are unavailable, we provide any documentation of amounts due)
  • Any open mortgages, liens and open litigation that may affect the property or the property owners
  • Recorded mortgage and property description, including any assignments
  • Any recorded easements, restrictions, conventions affecting the property or its use
  • Any UCC filings that affect the property

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