It is in this milieu that Orchestrate presents itself as a one-stop shop offering business solutions for organizations. These solutions include financial, document management, technology and call center solutions including research and analytics. All our services are custom-made to meet the specific demands of various industries and maximize their profitability by increasing output. We aim to improve quality and reduce delivery time through reengineering processes.


Business Analysis

Our business analysis involves a comprehensive study of the processes involved in the work you want to outsource. Business analytics is designed for better segmentation and focus, which helps us improve our services and help you maximize revenue. We will analyze the ‘outsource-able’ components of your business and devise an outsourcing strategy to fulfill immediate requirements.


Transition Plan

Here we study and run an analysis on your existing processes, organizational structure and work management. We then formulate a comprehensive replication plan to ensure minimal interruptions to your workflow. Methodologies for the project schedule, process maps, work force requirements and training are finalized so that a seamless transition is implemented. For a uniform understanding, the process documentation is put in place, which is then signed off by the process owners, simultaneously defining the Service Level Agreement (SLAs). The contract finalization and the facilitation of client visits, if required, are carried out during this stage.



Understanding the nature of the business, we have in place, a stringent onboarding process to ensure confidentiality and data security. Our hiring process is done with the utmost care and each resource goes through a detailed background check, which is done by an external agency. A certification from OMBM (Orchestrate Mortgage Banking Module) is also a perquisite, which includes residential mortgage banking essentials and compliance essentials such as information security and identity theft. Once all these processes are cleared, the resource is assigned to the project for further training. We also have a desktop monitoring system in place, which gives our clients a great deal of confidence on the information security front.


Pilot Project

At this stage, we implement the detailed transition plan. We start with a limited production to establish proof of concept. This will help define parameters of quality, productivity, turnaround-time, and cost efficiency. These samples are measured on a structured template, which will be shared with our clients for better transparency. We also monitor for connectivity issues and latency in the system response, which will help us scale up our technology or dedicate more bandwidth for better system performance.


Process Management and Improvement

At Orchestrate, process management is carried out at two levels. First at the management level where we ensure better staffing, certification and knowledge checks, these are performed quarterly. Business continuity plans are also tested quarterly and we have devised a structured reporting plan too. The second level would be at the execution level where we supervise the process to ensure smooth functioning of operations and rigorous checks are performed to see if the parameters of quality, productivity and turnaround time are met. We also continuously strive to come up with process improvement initiatives to be a value adding partner.


Client Relationship Management

The most important aspect of a business is to maintain great relationships. Management at Orchestrate is involved throughout the life cycle of the process. With weekly reviews, daily reports, a single point of contact, and our well-defined process management methodology, which allows tracking of all activities on a daily basis, we have a standardized reporting template in place. At the end of every business day, the reports along with the snapshots and highlights are circulated. We ensure that you never lose control over the outsourced process.